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Coast bed wear firm's global deal
CENTRAL Coast bed wear firm Bambi has negotiated the kind of China deal most Australian companies can only dream about.

There have been pats on the back galore at the HQ in West Gosford following the successful signing of the mega deal in November.

It’s an amazing result for a company that started life on a kitchen table in Tascott and now involves selling unique bed wear to China.

And recently, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called in to add Federal Government congratulations for what is proving to be a major achievement

Mr Turnbull visited the premises after hearing of Bambi’s recently-announced export deal to China.

The deal was signed with JD.com, the largest retailer in China. 

The company, which is a member of the Fortune Global 500, has an annual turnover of $50B and has 236.15 million annual customers. 

Owners Peter and Jan Witney and their son Greg Witney and his wife Catherine worked together to build up a fantastic manufacturing business.

They started in their home in Tascott and they’ve built it to becoming a leading manufacturer and supplier

Through hard work they progressed to the family garage and then to eventually open a large factory in West Gosford, employing more than 30 people.

Bambi’s key personnel are delighted with the export deal and the opportunity to showcase their hand-crafted Australian made product to the Asian market.

The deal began in October, when Bambi was asked to provide almost 1500 Alpaca Quilts and Pillows to JD.com.

Mr Turnbull visited the West Gosford facility for more than an hour. During this time he was given a factory tour, met many of the long-serving staff members and was given a brief history of Bambi, including its inception in at Tascott.

The PM chatted with Peter and Greg Witney and had a string of questions about the deal and how Bambi’s caringly handcrafted quilts and pillows made the giant leap. 

At a press conference held after the tour, Mr Turnbull praised the Witney’s - including Peter, Jan, Greg, Emma and Tim- for their hard work and dedication to the family owned and operated business. 

He also recognised Bambi’s contribution to providing jobs for Australians, producing exceptional quality product, and for its expansion into the export market.

More than 150 people were on hand for the announcement of the online deal recently with 80 VIPs from China involved.   Federal Member for Robertson Lucy Wicks and State Member for Gosford Liesl Tesch, as well as Deputy Mayor Chris Holstein attended the announcement.

Bambi experts showed all visitors how they carefully handcrafted the luscious quilts and pillows, using natural, Australian raw materials such as wool and alpaca.

The company has already fiinalised the first part of the contract – the production and packaging of 550 luxury ALPACA quilts, and 960 ALPACA pillows to be exported to China.

Handmade and hand-packaged, Bambi pulled out all stops to fulfil the order and managed to make all 1510 products in just five days.  It was an amazing team effort and showed what the Coast can do when offered a major international challenge.

The local radio station 2GO broadcast from Bambi on the day and in the following weeks is running a competition to win a range of beautiful Bambi prizes.

Of course the hard work and years of devotion don’t only help the Chinese buyers.

Bambi’s luxury products are available from all leading bedding retailers. Alternatively, you can purchase from its website, where shipping to anywhere in Australia is free.

The pioneering, Australian owned and operated firm shows that the Coast can compete on the world stage by offering unique, quality, sought after products.

Australian through-and-through, Bambi celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2014 and is now one of the leading manufacturers of quality bedding in Australia.

Indeed, Bambi Enterprises is widely recognised as the Innovator in bedding. Its superior quality and fine craftsmanship have led it to being awarded the prestigious Woolmark

Gold Label Licence, an Australian Furniture Excellence Award and a Central Coast Manufacturers Award for innovation in design and manufacture.

Bambi manufactures a large proportion of products right here in Australia at the West Gosford premises, a spokesman told me this week.

“In addition, we source our materials and fibres responsibly, choosing to manufacture products from fibres such as pure new wool, tencel (plant fibre), ingeo (corn fibre) and alpaca,” she said.

“All these fibres are natural, renewable, and sustainable and have an extremely low impact on the environment.

“Bambi is also proud to have been approved by the National Asthma Foundation for the Sensitive Choice program and is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant, “the spokesman said.



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