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12 March 2018 Posted by 


WITH almost 39,000 people charged last year using their mobile phone while driving, the state government has launched a new education campaign aimed at reducing this figure.
Roads, Maritime and Freight Minister Melinda Pavey said people aged between 25 and 34 are the worst mobile phone offenders.
“Last year 13,790 people in that age group charged with breaching the state’s mobile phone laws,” Mrs Pavey said. 
“People aged 65 and over had the lowest offending rates, while those aged 18-20 had the second lowest offending with just 1,097 people charged last year.” 
Mrs Pavey said the campaign aimed to highlight, that inconsequential text messages that could have waited, were not worth dying for. 
“We need to get the message out that using a mobile phone while driving is profoundly dangerous.” 
“Taking your eyes off the road to look at your mobile phone for just two seconds, you are travelling 33 metres blind, while texting while driving increases the risk of a crash by 23 times.” 
This latest initiative is a continuation of the highly successful Get Your Hand Off It campaign launched in 2013. 
The NSW Government also has partnered with the Sydney Swans in a mobile phone distraction campaign – Out of Sight Out of Mind. 
Current penalties for illegal mobile phone use while driving are a $330 fine and the loss of four demerit points.


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