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19 April 2018 Posted by 


Legend Darrell Eastlake passes
THE Central Coast community lost its most famous media personality this month with the passing of the legendary Darrell Eastlake.
The words passion and sports commentator weren’t often linked before big Darrell came along and changed the game forever, with his “huge” presentation.
Many famous stories will be retold by friends and workmates of the original Big Man in the coming weeks, but what a lot of readers won’t know is that Darrell started out doing surfing reports for 2GO and writing a column for the old Central Coast Express newspaper.
Even in those days you could hear Darrell coming as he came to deliver his weekly column to the sports editor, Steve Crawley, now the boss of Fox Sports.
Darrell was equally famous around the coast for his dramatic performances as sweep of the Avoca Beach surf boat.
His weekly sessions at the beer garden in the new Peppers Hotel in downtown Terrigal, now the Crown Plaza, were also the stuff of legend.
It was in these two latter pursuits, rather than his media career, that Darrell became a friend to many Central Coast business people.
We will present a special memorial feature on Darrell in our May edition. If you have a story or a photo to share, please contact


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