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05 May 2018 Posted by 


Relieving the financial burden
WORKPLACE stress continues to be the primary cause of absenteeism and presenteeism for Australian business.

The research into this phenomenon by reputable academics is extensive with the statistics to highlight the financial burden this places on business well known and yet the issue continues to escalate. So why is this?

Kim Elkovich founder of A Higher Self, a company that specialises in improving workplace mental health says: “The two primary reasons are mental health stigma and illiteracy. Stigma stops business from prioritising mental health and acquiring mental health knowledge and skills.

“For example, companies are great at fulfilling their legal obligation to OH&S law protecting employees from physical injury but how often do we provide mandatory training on strategies to manage workplace stress and anxiety?”       

“Stress related absenteeism is a sign for both employer and employee that the way they are doing things isn’t working.  A new toolbox is needed.” 

The toolbox A Higher Self offers business is multi- faceted and evidence based. Ranging from a co-ordinated whole of business program to a one-day Calming Stress workshop for any worker from any workplace to attend. Next workshop is May 16th.

To learn more visit

www.ahigherself.com.au or phone 02 4399 2435.   



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