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What you may be missing
GETTING online reviews in a big part of increasing your digital presence and getting your business more customers.

These days the first thing a potential customer does is search online for reviews of the business.
Know where people are looking for reviews

It is important to understand where people are looking for reviews because a good review isn’t worth much if no one will see it. A recent study from the US shows that 63.6% of consumers check reviews on Google before they visit a business. That’s a lot of people.
And if you don’t have a Google My Business Page setup so your customers can leave you good reviews, then you are missing out on potentially hundreds or even thousands of clients.
Yelp was the second most popular site for people to look for reviews, followed by TripAdvisor and Facebook. You should get your business listed on all of these sites, as well as online local directories, to make it easier for your customers to leave you a good review.
You can never be listed on too many directories, and the more websites you list your business on, the better your SEO ranking.
Invite People to Leave you Reviews Online
Once you have listed your business online, you need to get some good reviews. But how do you get good reviews?
It starts with good service, and a good product if that’s your business model, but unfortunately, good service alone is not enough to make someone go out of their way to give you a good review online.
If you want to get reviews you need to ask for them. However, it can feel a bit awkward to ask your customers for a review so it is important that you figure out what works for you, and what your customers will respond to.
You can take the direct approach by asking “Will you leave me a review on Yelp?”, but there are some less explicit ways to ask the same question. One approach you can use is to invite your customers to leave some feedback online. The terms invite and feedback are more neutral, and your customers may be more willing to go online and leave you a review.
Get on Social Media
Social media, especially Facebook, is a great place to gather reviews from your customers. Most of your customers will already be on Facebook anyway, so encouraging them to leave a review on your Facebook page offers them a simple alternative to Google or Yelp. And because Facebook has so many users, it is also a good way to get more people seeing your positive reviews.
Respond to the Bad Reviews
Though you are probably only hoping for good reviews, bad reviews will no doubt come about as well. However, as a business, it is your responsibility to respond to the bad review, and if possible offer them a solution. Bad reviews can turn consumers off your business, so it’s always a good idea to show that you are taking action and rectifying the situation.
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