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Taylor Martin, Terrigal state Liberal MP Adam Crouch, Planning Minister Anthony Roberts, Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast Scot MacDonald, Co-ordinator General for the Central Coast Lee Shearer and Central Coast Regional Development CEO Michael Cassel. Taylor Martin, Terrigal state Liberal MP Adam Crouch, Planning Minister Anthony Roberts, Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast Scot MacDonald, Co-ordinator General for the Central Coast Lee Shearer and Central Coast Regional Development CEO Michael Cassel. Featured
21 June 2018 Posted by 


"The time for Gosford to shine has arrived"
THE business community has welcomed with open arms a recent announcement from the State Government that it is to inject $52 M into upgrading infrastructure and public spaces in and around the Gosford city centre.

After years of being presented with plan after plan for the revitalisation of the CBD, Central Coast NSW Business Chamber regional manager Daniel Farmer said it was pleasing to see the latest initiative backed up with sizeable funding.
Residents who have been frustrated by the plethora of suggestions put forward for the waterfront precinct for decades breathed a sigh of relief last month when Planning and Housing Minister Anthony Roberts announced $42M to upgrade infrastructure and $10M for public domain upgrades.
This last will include the creation of a significant regional playground as part of a major renewal of the parklands and streetscapes near the waterfront.
Plans also include connecting the greatly expanded Gosford Hospital to the city and eventually the parklands across the rail corridor over the train station.
“This announcement shows further commitment from the NSW State Government toward making Gosford great,” Mr Farmer said.
“We are particularly pleased with the $42M for water and sewer upgrades across the Gosford City Centre. These essential works are critical for the future capabilities of our regional capital.
“The further announcement of funding for public domain upgrades and a new regional playground in the waterfront parklands was welcomed also.
“This will hopefully support the activation of the Gosford CBD and waterfront precinct and bring customers to the business community of Gosford.
“For too long, business have been screaming out for a solution to car parking in Gosford (so) it was pleasing to hear the state government will be exploring possible solutions, particularly due to the impact this has on the city’s ability to attract new businesses and of course consumers to our resident business community.”
Mr Farmer said plans to link the redeveloped hospital to the Gosford city centre was the right approach.
“All stakeholders including Central Coast Council, State and Federal Government, and of course private enterprise must focus on a collaborative approach as an essential pathway towards economic growth, jobs and development,” he said.
Minister Roberts said the works would attract development, improve business opportunities and attract residents.
“The time for Gosford to shine has finally arrived,” he said.
“After listening to the community, we have developed a multi-pronged, design-led delivery to ensure the Central Coast has a regional capital it can be proud of.”
Together with the $406 million already invested on the hospital redevelopment, associated infrastructure and other city centre upgrades, and the 300 Office of Finance and
Services jobs recently brought to the city, the latest funds should provide the revitalisation Gosford has so needed for so long.
Mr Roberts said the new draft Gosford City State Environment Planning Policy (SEPP) would provide design-led, streamlined, flexible and efficient statutory development controls
with a Special Infrastructure Contribution (SIC) to be applied to the city centre support growth as the program continues to roll out.
“The proposal is that the overall amount to be collected will reduce from 4% of the value of development to 3%,” he said.
“The reduction in contributions will encourage investment and is a big vote of confidence by the NSW Government in Gosford and a demonstration of our commitment to delivering a revitalised city centre,” he said.
“There will be an immediate spike in jobs created once the infrastructure works get underway, but these are just the tip of the iceberg.
“The investment and development will enable more businesses and people to relocate to Gosford City Centre and this will have a multiplier effect that will lead to more jobs in the future.”
Central Coast Council also welcomed the announcement, but Mayor Jane Smith said the council needed to ensure the proposed changes to planning controls served the community’s best interests.
“Council and the community should be at the heart of the revitalisation of the city centre and it’s critical that we remain at the centre of the planning and approval process for development,” Cr Smith said.
Cr Smith said it was important to ensure the latest announcement built on the foundations laid by the $1.79 billion in developments already approved by the council to pave the way for revitalisation.
The council held two public meetings on the proposed changes this month, but Gosford/Erina & Coastal Chamber of Commerce president Rod Dever was concerned not enough notice was given for the meetings, and the Department of Planning (which held its own information sessions) was not involve



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