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Converting leads to customers
THE content on your website is an integral part of your online presence. But how do you make it convert leads into customers?

Here are a few tips that will get you started with writing better copy for your business.
Keep it simple
Leonardo Da Vinci once said ‘simplicity is key’. This is the mantra that every web copywriter should be following. Simple sells. Once you make your website copy to long or technical, it becomes confusing for the reader, which is bad news for you because that means that you have just lost a potential customer.
Simple copy also looks better on a website and keeping it simple means that you will spend less time writing and more time working on your business.
Show value...immediately
In a world where people are faced with hundreds, if not thousands of messages, per day, it is becoming harder and harder for businesses to break through. Your website copy needs to show real value in the first sentence. If it doesn’t, the reader will most likely lose interest in your business.
Stick to one goal
When writing your website copy, it can be tempting to want your target audience to do everything at once. However, you need to become disciplined and stick to one call to action (CTA). Otherwise, it becomes overwhelming for your audience, and they won’t know what to do. Your call to action should match the content of the webpage, and each CTA throughout your website should be different.
Write to your target market
This is where branding comes in handy because you need to have a defined target market that your copy will be aimed at. Knowing your target market will make it easier to write your copy as you will understand their needs, desires and frustrations.
Read your copy out loud
It may seem silly, but reading your copy out loud before you publish it will ensure it is conversational and interesting. The way we write and the way we speak with other people is often very different, but it shouldn’t be. Having conversational web copy will make your target audience more engaged with your business.

Avoid Jargon
There is nothing good about website copy that is filled with industry jargon. It can alienate your audience, and they won’t be able to connect well with what they are reading. If you have to use an industry term that customers probably won’t understand, explain it.
By following these web copy tips, you will be well on your way to converting more customers through your website. However, you will not get your copy perfect the first time - no-one ever does - so it’s important to keep revising it to see what works well for your business.
If something is not converting as well as you would like, go back and change it. And
keep changing it until you know that it’s working.
Annika Scott is an expert copywriter at Digital Presence. Visit



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