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19 February 2019 Posted by 


Where do innovators come from? The answer is: your backyard. 
Start-ups are sometimes portrayed as shining beacons located on the 15th floor of a city high rise. They are most likely starting their journey with a brilliant idea and lots of hard work in a granny flat or garage around the corner from you.  
Both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had humble beginnings. Their greatness simply started with an idea and the will to see it through. 
The Business Centre has been supporting businesses for 34 years. We understand what it means to go through the hard yards to turn an idea into a successful business. That’s why we have developed the Start House accelerator program. 
Start House, powered by the Business Centre, helps aspiring founders with a novel technology innovation gain all the essential tools, connections and experience to see their idea go boom. 
We don’t discriminate as to where you have come from, your level of education or where you are located. We don’t take equity.  We are here to help you see your idea turn into a reality. 
If you have a new business or have an idea with a novel technology solution – join us for the Start House Discovery Session. 
Share breakfast with us and discover what Start House is, meet local innovators and have the opportunity to hear from our local decision makers on the opportunities for entrepreneurs.
Details: 8.00am 7 March at Nexus Smart Hub to register visit www.discovery-wyong.eventbrite.com.au
or call (02) 4925 7700. 


Michael Walls
P: 0407 783 413
E: Michael@accessnews.com.au

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