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Brand under a cloud: Central Coast Mariners. Brand under a cloud: Central Coast Mariners. Featured
14 August 2020 Posted by 


Future uncertain as owner bales
OWNER Mike Charlesworth is selling Central Coast Mariners after an unsuccessful stint as owner of the A League bottom dwellers.
The future of the Mariners is now highly uncertain after long-term owner Mr Charlesworth put the club up for sale.
While FFA still have an element of control over franchise decisions - although they are increasingly taking a backseat towards an independent A-League - the decline in both club fortunes and supporter base has had a significant impact on the club.
There has been a long-standing feeling across the league that the lack of political support and funding for the nation's most participated sport is one of the factors contributing to the stagnation of the A-League.
Member for Wyong David Harris is a strong supporter of the Mariners.
"The decision of current majority shareholder, Mike Charlesworth, to sell his stake in the club, is partly because of the financial commitment to own and run a football club, partly because of COVID-19 and the economic hit, but also because there has not been a commitment from organisations like Central Coast Council to develop a meaningful partnership,” Harris said.
"I’m not saying Council should commit millions of dollars of ratepayers’ money to prop up the club, but I do think that there is not a willingness to properly explore options that could benefit ratepayers and the community.
"I’m a season ticket holder, I’m a football fan and player, I love sport in general, but I have always recognised that the Mariners’ franchise was an opportunity to sell the Central Coast on the national and global stage.
"The Coast needs the Mariners much more that the Mariners needs the Coast. A new buyer could relocate the franchise tomorrow to Canberra or Southern Sydney.
"If that happened, then we would lose our only national team, the youth structure and our ticket to the national media and sporting stage.
"Before the Central Coast Mariners, who had heard of the Central Coast in Asia and even parts of Australia?
"Would we struggle to ever get a national team again? Probably – and that would be a tragedy."


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