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29 November 2017 Posted by 

How to advance your career prospects at the work Christmas party

THE office Christmas party is the perfect opportunity to get to know your boss better, instead of taking your shoes off and getting blind drunk according to a leading behavioural expert.
Emotional intelligence practitioner, author and speaker Chris Golis has spent most of his working life examining people’s personalities in order to help him communicate better in business and in life.
Mr Golis says most bosses promote people they like, and so the work Christmas party is a chance to work on your relationship and even potentially plant the seed regarding a pay rise or promotion. 
“While most people try and consume their body weight in food and drink on the company purse, the office get-together is a great opportunity to get ahead by using the event to your advantage.”
“If you’re smart about it and don’t come across as too much of a crawler you can set yourself up for the year ahead by having an intelligent and meaningful conversation with your superiors.”  
“However, making a beeline straight for the executive team can make you look like an opportunistic and ruthless social climber, so picking your moment is very important.”
“Start off by having a conversation for 5-10 minutes about anything but work.” 
 “Everyone’s favourite subject is themselves, so you won’t have any trouble getting that kind of information out them.”  
“Then you can perhaps steer the conversation more towards the office environment by asking them what their best decision was this year.” 
“It is way of stroking their ego and indirectly asking them what makes them so good.” 
"Conversely, if you know the company hasn't had a great year, say it's been a big year and you're looking forward to next year." 
Emotional Intelligence expert Chris Golis has these tips to get ahead at the work Christmas Party: 
Observe: The true characteristics of people are often revealed in social situations.
Timing: The best time to go up to any management is before the speeches because you won't have had too many drinks and they're all likely to still be there.
Conversation: Family, pets and holidays are all good subjects to discuss with your boss because it builds rapport and shows you are genuinely interested in their life outside work. 
Advice: Executives love to talk about personal success, so ask them they made it to the top.  
Alcohol: Don’t go too hard on the booze because it destroys your self-control.
Mr Golis says while the work Christmas party can present an ideal time to climb the corporate ladder it’s important you don’t go too over the top.
“It can be a great time to pick up information if your boss is relaxed and has his guard down little but the last thing you want to be known as is a pest.” 
“Once you’ve got what you want out of the conversation with your manager, thank them for their time and leave them alone for the rest of the night.”
“People often forget what you do or say but they never forget how you make them feel.”
Chris Golis is a published author with The Humm Handbook- Lifting Your Level of Emotional Intelligence available to purchase at :
He spoke at the International Congress of Emotional Intelligence in Portugal in July. The conference brought together international experts who presented EI research and applications in the areas of education, business, medicine, therapy and assessment. 


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