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14 November 2018 Posted by 


How social media fits in 

BUSINESSES are often told that they need to be on social media, but is there really any point in spending extra time and effort on developing your business social media profiles if it won’t enhance your digital presence?
Most businesses understand and implement SEO strategies; however, they often neglect their social media strategy, or don’t optimise social media to its full potential.
Having a strong social media presence will complement your SEO strategy in a number of ways, and businesses of all sizes should spend the time optimising their social media accounts to enhance their online presence.
1. Social Media Ranks Highly in Google
The Google algorithm often ranks social media profiles higher on its search engine. Social media is an indirect factor in SEO rankings, however, that doesn’t mean that you should disregard social media completely in your SEO strategy.
To ensure your social media profiles are ranking highly, make sure the profile name and all the basic information including business address, phone number and website URL are the same across all your profiles and websites. This helps Google’s algorithm certify your business. 
2. Social Media Helps Build Links
Posting high quality and engaging content on social media is a good way to build links back to your website. Content sharing on social media is actually one of the easiest and fastest ways to create high quality backlinks from authentic, influential websites, which helps with SEO efforts.  
The more social shares your content gets, the more inbound links you’ll have to your website which helps to build credibility.
As your credibility increases, so too does your SEO ranking. Eventually, you’ll start seeing it have an impact on the ranking of not only your business website ranking in search engines but also your social profile rankings.
To get a lot of social shares on your content, remember to create high quality, helpful content. If your content doesn’t help your customers solve their problems then don’t create it. 
3. Social Media Has Built In Search Engines
Each social media platform, whether its Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram, has its own built in search engine. And people often turn to social media first to find out about the latest news, trends and information - especially since Facebook has over 2.2 billion monthly users.
So it's worth ensuring that all content that you post to social media is optimised as if it were a search engine. That is, ensure all your content contains keywords and backlinks.
However, remember that, unlike a search engine, social media is built for engagement and conversations, so when writing posts, be sure to encourage users to engage with you.
Ultimately both SEO and social media marketing will help you achieve your overall goal - increased brand awareness and more customers. Creating a combined strategy will help improve your digital presence and achieve the best possible results from your digital marketing efforts.
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