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Warnervale frontrunner for skyport

CENTRAL Coast Airport at Warnervale could be the frontrunner in the race to become the region’s Uber Air headquarters within the next decade.

The coast is seen as a future Uber Air location because services could link directly to skyports sprinkled around Sydney. It would also link with skyports in Newcastle and Newcastle Hunter airport.
Melbourne Airport has been selected as the first city outside the USA to undertake trials of the revolutionary new vertical takeoff “drone like” aircraft.
Western Sydney Aerotropolis is envisioned as the Sydney HQ so it is logical that regional airports like Central Coast Airport will be preferred locations for skyports.
While the test flights will be manned by a flight crew, the plan is to eventual pilot the Uber Air craft by computer.
It is envisioned that Uber will eventually have Uber Air headquarters in each capital city with “skyports” sprinkled around the major urban areas.
Pilot City
Following the announcement that Melbourne will be Uber's third official pilot city — alongside Dallas and Los Angeles as test cities for the Uber Air program it seems certain Central Coast businesspeople and residents will be zooming around our skies “George Jetson style” in the next decade.
It means a businessperson could simply walk out of their office board a pre-booked Uber flight and be at Warnervale terminal in around 30 minutes. Or, they could fly into Western Sydney airport from Warnervale in a similar amount of time.
Similarly, tourist visitors to coast could simply board an Uber flight and be on the coast in just a few minutes from a cruise ship, hotel or airport. This would create a major tourist opportunity for our region.
From the skyport they would be whisked away by an Uber taxi or limo to their business meeting or hotel.
Uber has already signed partnerships with Australian companies Macquarie, Telstra, Scentre Group as well as Melbourne Airport, as part of its Melbourne project
Uber plans to launch Uber Air in Dallas, Los Angeles and Melbourne first. If all goes as planned, it will hold flight demonstrations next year with the hopes of making aerial ride sharing commercially available in 2023.
The vertical takeoff and landing aircraft — which would be booked through the Uber app — would initially be flown by a commercial pilot when they come into passenger carrying mode. However Uber envisages they would eventually become autonomous.
Mobility Hubs
Uber envisions its skyports as “mobility hubs”, connecting users of Uber Air to other types of Uber transport.
The skyport would be designed to charge up to five of Uber’s aerial rideshare aircraft at one time. It would also have a landing area and a take-off area so flights could land and leave at the same time.
The skyports in major cities will be built from pre-existing parking garages, these mobility hubs will include dedicated pickup and drop-off space for Uber drivers, access and charging areas for Uber bikes and scooters and even Uber Eats with café seating.
The flight deck is designed to charge up to five aircraft at a single time. It will also have a dedicated landing area and dedicated take-off area, with enough separation to allow for simultaneous flight operations.
Warnervale has the room to develop into a world class Uber Air base and would be ideal as the headquarters for the Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter, Mid North Coast and northern Sydney regions.
It will provide excellent career opportunities for Central Coast youth and would also create many jobs through associated services and tourist enterprises.


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