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Unloading an alligator. Unloading an alligator. Featured
27 April 2021 Posted by 


All in a day’s work at the Reptile Park
UNLOADING a shipment of agitated alligators is all in a day’s work for the staff at the Australia Reptile Park in Somersby.
The Reptile Park keepers undertook the highly dangerous task with a slightly nervous smile for the assembled media.
10 huge adult male alligators arrived from friends of the park, Australia Zoo.
The alligators arrived via transport and required all hands on deck as keepers took on the physical task of introducing the alligators into their new home.
Already home to 45 adult alligators, the process is considered extremely dangerous and kept the hearts of staff racing.
They had to keep their wits about them as they opened each box with hearts pounding, hoping the alligators turned to the water and not to them.
Australian Reptile Park Director Tim Faulkner said the park could “never have too many alligators.”
We were on edge
“It was a crazy morning, with a few close calls. The ground is still wet and still slippery from recent rainy weather which added an extra element of danger.”
“We all were kept on edge all morning but are happy to report all of the ‘gators are safe in their new home,” Mr Faulkner said.
“We didn’t know what sort of alligator was going to come out of each box as we opened them. Was this one going to be nice? Or was it going to come charging out with us being the first thing it sees? We were kept on our toes, that’s for sure.”
Head of Reptiles Daniel Rumsey said it took a lot of planning.
“One slight step out of place can cost you, so we were very careful to follow a well-thought-out plan and ensure the safety of all staff in such a mammoth task. We’re so glad to see it was a success and all of the ‘gators have begun to settle in and are swimming around happily.”
Keepers will now keep a close eye on the new arrivals, ensuring they are continuing to settle in with the other alligators. 
Just how you settle down an argument between two or three alligators remains to be seen.
Most of the new alligators have been named after famous rappers with Notorious B.I.G, Flavor Flav and Tupac being just a few of the new arrivals.
With another 10 alligators arriving recently, the Australian Reptile Park has 55 American alligators, the largest population living in Australia. Visitors will be lucky to catch them being fed in all of their prehistoric glory.
The Australian Reptile Park is a hands-on zoo where you can enjoy live entertaining shows, themed exhibits and interaction with many of the wildlife sanctuary's residents.
The Park is open daily from 9am-5pm, with complimentary parking and BBQ facilities. More information at www.reptilepark.com.au


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