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Best friend of a doughnut Minister Robert with MP Lucy Wicks and Emma Peats of Daily Dough Co at the Terrigal outlet. Best friend of a doughnut Minister Robert with MP Lucy Wicks and Emma Peats of Daily Dough Co at the Terrigal outlet. Featured
21 May 2021 Posted by 


Emma's doughnuts a great success story
EMMA Peats’ amazing success story has reached the lofty halls of Parliament House in Canberra with Cabinet Minister Stuart Robert turning up just to meet the young businesswoman and try one of her famous doughnuts.
Mr Robert, who has the rather hefty portfolio of Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business, arrived at Emma’s Daily Dough Co shop at Terrigal shop with Federal Member for Robertson Lucy Wicks.
He obviously is a doughnut ‘connoisseur’  and, after explaining the Morrison Government’s jobs campaign and chatting with Emma and Lucy, he jumped right into the essential task of trying one out.
As he showed little mercy to the chosen donut, the broad smile and familiar approving nod of the head telling the story- Emma’s doughnuts had won over yet another heart.
Ms Wicks told Emma: “I was so inspired to hear your story. At 19yo, you’re already employing 38 staff here at Terrigal and Wyong, making the world’s best doughnuts.”
Emma explained to the Minister and her local Federal MP how she started in the depths of COVID-19.
"I started this business when I was 18yo, just turning 19. I’m still 19 and I now have two shops, one at Wyong and one at Terrigal. We make the best doughnuts in the world, thank you.
“And we also make dessert boxes, doughnut bouquets. We literally can make you anything out of doughnut. And we have such a passion for fresh doughnuts.
“I believe that every day is a different challenge. But it's just purely I have a lot of passion for my business. And my thing
I’m most proud of is my staff and having the staff I do have.
“And the staff I have are amazing people. So, I love being a part of the team that I have great created essentially.
“But the biggest challenge in starting out is that as every single day brings something new to me. Like, there’s constantly new things that come up and I'm like,’ I don't really know’, but I suppose I am expected to know.
“So, I just have to really trust myself. And with the support of my family, we just get through any challenge that comes. And especially having really good staff really helps me get through the challenges. But, I suppose if my mixer breaks, like my dough mixer in the morning breaks, it’s a bit of a challenge.
“And that has happened, but we still open on time. “If you have the passion and drive anyone can do it and I really, really love the life that I’ve created for myself and my whole team. It’s just such a good environment. And I really appreciate everyone’s support. And yeah, I think if you have a passion, just go for it.”
With one eye on the doughnuts, Mr Robert heaped praised upon Emma and her success in business at such a tender age.
“What an amazing story at 19yo. I was just chatting with your dad and your brother, who've done a lot of the shop fit-out and construction,” he said.
“In the middle of COVID, making doughnuts in your kitchen, now two stores. More than 2000 doughnuts will come out of here each day - and employing 38 staff, including lovely Paris who you were at school with.
“Which is an extraordinary story. And it's a story of small business. And it's exactly what the Morrison Government is backing in its budget.
“Not only is there $2.7B in terms of apprenticeships, another half a billion dollars in terms of JobTrainer to skill up Australian, the tax rate for small business is dropping to 25% from July 1. 
“We're seeing small business able to depreciate every single bit of your shop footing, all of your kitchens, all of your bakeries, all of your ovens, depreciating in one go through our asset depreciation. And of course, whilst you’re a new business, if you’re older, you could have a loss carry-back.
“There’s an enormous amount in the budget to back in small business,’ he said.
“And Emma, your business is just a wonderful example of what Australians can do. We are so proud of you and I'm looking forward to having a doughnut.”
Ms Wicks said around 16,600 small and family businesses across the electorate of Robertson were set to benefit from one or more of the Morrison Government’s 2021 Budget measures. 
“This budget will see local businesses like Daily Dough Co be able to write of the full costs of assets that will help expand their business to keep up with demand.”
“Daily Dough Co is just one example of a business that is prospering in our local economy, backed by our plan to create jobs and secure Australia’s recovery.”
And so it came time for doughnuts. The rest is history, as they say – they never stood a chance! 


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