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02 November 2021 Posted by 


$14,000 rasied to combat Dementia 
THIS year, I held the fourth annual Grant McBride Memory Walk and Jog in loving memory of my dad, Grant.
I lost my dad to Younger Onset Dementia when he was just 68 years old. I also lost my grandma, Mollie to Dementia when I was in my early twenties.
Since then, I made a promise to my mum that I’d do everything I could to help make a better future for people living with dementia and those who love them. 
That’s why I started the Grant McBride Memory Walk and Jog in 2018. To help raise awareness and funds for Dementia Australia. 
This year’s Memory Walk took place on 25 September, during Dementia Action Week and it was our second year running the event online due to COVID.
With most of NSW under stay-at-home orders and lockdown fatigue kicking in across the Coast, I wasn’t sure how many people would get involved. 
But, Coasties joined in droves, showing their big hearts and generous spirit.
I was hoping to raise $5,000 to start with, but instead we almost tripled our fundraising target. By the end, we managed to raise over $14,000 for Dementia Australia. 
That’s an incredible effort, and I’m so grateful to everyone who got involved including my fellow Coasties, other MPs around Australia and friends and family near and far. 
This event is all about raising awareness for Dementia by encouraging people to get active. I spent most of the day, walking in the sunshine in my local neighborhood. 
Exciting to see people sharing
But I also saw plenty of other people getting out and about too. People were walking around their backyards, their neighbourhoods and their local parks and it was exciting to see them sharing photos on social media as well.
Dementia touches so many Australian families, including my own and it was very special for all of us to come together to promote this cause, especially during the pandemic. 
I’m pleased to say that over the past four years, since the event first began, we’ve now managed to raise over $61,000 for Dementia Australia. 
That figure ticks over to $110,000 if you include the contribution of former member for Camden, Geoff Corrigan who donated $50,000 from his Melbourne Cup purse after Vow and Declare’s victory back in 2019.
These funds will go such a long way towards helping us find a cure.
But the fundraising isn’t the most important thing. It’s the awareness that truly matters.
The more we spread the word and talk about dementia, the more we can help reduce the stigma and help create a better future for all Australians.
There are more than 470,000 Australians living with dementia and over 1.6 million Australians involved in their care. 
On the Central Coast, some 6,000 people are living with dementia and 20,000 people are involved with their care. 
Dementia is the second leading cause of death in Australia, right behind heart disease. It affects one in 10 people aged over 65, but it also impacts younger people too. 
Every day, another 250 people are diagnosed with dementia and tragically, another 36 die. This is a heartbreaking disease, and it touches so many lives. 
But when we come together - the people who live with dementia, their carers, and their families – we can do something truly extraordinary.
Thank you again to everyone who took part in this year’s Grant McBride Memory Walk and Jog. 
Let’s work towards a better future. 
If you’re looking for more information about dementia or just some support, you can reach out to the Central Coast
Dementia Alliance via
Emma McBride is Federal Member Dobell.


Michael Walls
0407 783 413

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