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The Pearl Beach cottage that sold for $2.5M. The Pearl Beach cottage that sold for $2.5M. Featured
08 December 2021 Posted by 


After being bought for $145 in 1928
A SMALL house in idyllic Pearl Beach on a block of land bought by a family for $145 in 1928 has just sold for $2.5M.
The location at 2 Emerald Avenue in Pearl Beach was first bought by Evelyn Smith.
In the early 1960s the property was handed down to Evelyn's daughter Irene and five years later a three-bedroom cottage was built on the coastal plot of land.
The selling agent at the recent sale was Alana Gargaro  of Residential HQ Central Coast.
Featuring four bedrooms, the property sold to a young Sydney couple who plan to use it as a holiday home.
The home was originally passed on to Irene's daughter Kim Jones and her family who put the home up for sale via Alana of Residential HQ, helping the property to fetch the eye-watering $2,508,000.
Ms Jones told a media outlet she was sad to leave their slice of family history behind, but it was “the right time”.
"We will be sad to say goodbye to such a piece of family history, but the time was right for us to move up to Queensland and pass this little piece of paradise on," Ms Jones said.
"Never in my life could I have imagined having this much money, we can't believe how much it sold for."
The cottage is just a short walk from beautiful Pearl Beach.
Agent Alana Gargaro said the sale highlighted the extreme buyer demand for picturesque beach escapes following COVID-19 lockdowns.
"While the whole of the Central Coast has certainly seen an influx of demand from buyers across Victoria and NSW South Wales, Pearl Beach remains one of the most sought-after areas on the Coast for its natural beauty and charm," Ms Gargaro said.
"There were several interested parties, but it was finally sold to the young Sydney couple who bought it as a holiday home."


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