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01 November 2014 Posted by 


Hydro Majestic unveiled at last

AFTER almost six years of detailed planning and review, one of the most famous tourism landmarks in the Blue Mountains, the Hydro Majestic Hotel, has re-opened its doors.

The Hydro Majestic venues were opened to the public late October with a series of five exclusive high tea events in The Casino Lobby and The Wintergarden.

Venues such as The Boiler House will also open progressively from October 31, and other venues such as The Salon Du The in the coming weeks, bringing the Hydro back to the people of Australia, celebrating its wonderful history and providing a broad palette of dining, event and public facilities.

The challenge of adding the next layer of history to these remarkable buildings has not been taken lightly. Rather, the Hydro Majestic’s social history and heritage and its much loved place in the memories of so many people has been examined and respected.

Department store retailer Mark Foy’s journey from when he purchased the property in 1902 was as a visionary, an ambitious and remarkable one.

He created a ``Palace in the Wilderness’’ on a mountain top overlooking the Megalong Valley against all odds. Guests from around the globe flocked to it: the fortunate, the famous, the fabulous and even the infamous.

It is with this same belief and confidence in the Blue Mountains region that the Escarpment Group re-opens the Hydro Majestic, investing in re-creating the glamour and style the world remembers, while adding new and vibrant additions that talk to the past and celebrate the future.

Architect Ashkan Mostaghim of Mostaghim & Assoc has created the revised formula for the site including the new Hydro Majestic Pavilion and interpretation of the old Boiler House to create a provocative and exciting café environment with a vista over the Majestic Point Lookout.

The interior of the hotel has been brought back to life in the spirit and style with which it opened.

Interior designer Peter Reeve and the team at CRD have produced luxurious new and historically inspired interiors which reference the past and fold into the present with absolute luxe.

They have embraced the tradition of bespoke design to interpret the many periods of the hotel’s history, creating a unique range of carpets, paints, wallpapers and furnishings with Australian designers and suppliers based on period influences referencing the austere beauty of the Edwardian, the generosity of the Art Nouveau of the Belle Époque and moments of Art Deco.

Blue Mountains Lithgow & Oberon Tourism chairman Daniel Myles said: ``The Hydro Majestic genuinely fits into the `icon’ category.

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