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Advertising and business guru John Singleton. Advertising and business guru John Singleton.
24 June 2017 Posted by 

SINGO'S VISION: Our region has finally come of age

Exclusive by Associate Editor DALLAS SHERRINGHAM
WHEN advertising and business guru John Singleton went on Channel Nine News one Sunday night to tell Australia about his passion for the Central Coast, our region finally came of age.
In a few priceless minutes, he was able to tell the nation what we have been trying to say for generations. The Central Coast was a beautiful place with tremendous potential, he told millions of viewers. 
It was the kind of exposure that the coast had craved but could never achieve, exposure only a man of Mr Singleton’s profile could provide.
You see, John Singleton, the larrikin battler from Enfield, is a genius when it comes to communicating. He made his fortune capturing the imagination of millions of Australians through his ability to combine words and images in 30 second bursts as TV commercials.
As a knockabout Aussie, he was able to communicate with the nation by using the distinctive Aussie language. Before that, advertisements were read by announcers or personalities using what was considered “proper” English.
A long time resident of the region, he has always backed his love for the Central Coast with exciting projects like Bells at Killcare boutique hotel and restaurant, the internationally renowned Pretty Beach House, Bluetongue Brewery and the Gosford Stadium.
However this was something new. He was focusing on promoting the region as a whole. The Central Coast has never had a strong nationally known advocate like the late and legendary Bruce Small on the Gold Coast, but Mr Singleton has changed all that with his very public and much admired crusade to get the Coast moving towards greatness.
He backed it up by promoting the coast and his exciting new Bonython Tower and Bonython Waters projects in Gosford  across his national radio network. These two projects are expected to kick start an exciting new era in quality high rise developments in the region.
To support that campaign, Mr Singleton agreed to provide us with an in depth view of his vision for our region through a series of questions and answers.  
Q: What makes the Central Coast a great place to live?
A: It’s close proximity to Sydney, beautiful beaches, great bush areas, stunning walking trails and the list goes on and on.
Q: What do we do well and what do we do badly?
A: We are great at keeping it all a secret. We are not good at telling people just how great our region is.
Q: What is your future vision for Gosford and the Central Coast?
A: To become a world class destination that people want to come to visit and end up staying. It’s a place that rivals anywhere in the world with restaurants, cafes, bars and our beaches and walks are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen.  More people need to experience this.
Q:  What can we do better to make sure the area becomes a world class region?
A: Clean the place up, get rid of the graffiti, tidy up the towns and villages get some businesses to continue trading after 3pm. For example, have you ever tried to get a coffee after three? Make more tourism offers available so people keep coming back.
Q: We see major public and private projects springing up throughout Australia and South East Asia, what is one major project the coast needs that will really put us on the map?
A: An airport so people can get here would be a start. Straighten the train line between Woy Woy and Hornsby to make the train trip faster. We don’t need a Very fast Train if we can just make the existing trains faster. Let’s make it easier for people to get here so they can see how beautiful it is. The rest will start to follow as opportunities arise.
Q: Can you tell us about your Bonython Tower project and other coast projects you have underway or are planning?
A: Our Bonython Tower project in downtown Gosford will transform the city centre into an international class place to live. The 14storey, $35m project It offers a mix of premium residential and commercial properties and we expect it to be around 80% sold by the end of May. Our next exciting project in Gosford will be Bonython Waters, a seven storey $18M project on the site of the Monti’s Ashore Restaurant in Mason’s Parade opposite the swimming pool. It will feature 33 apartments.
Q: Tourism is struggling on the coast. How can we bring back the crowds and attract international tourists?
A: We need some major events. Look at the interest the V8s created when it was announced they may be coming here. We need more national teams including rugby league and rugby to use the stadium. It provides great national and international exposure for the region as well as boosting local business. We need to offer more to potential visitors than just the beaches, beautiful as they are.
Q: Do we need a dedicated tourism area, like a mini- Orlando, as has been suggested?
A: Yes, and a bloody good marketing campaign. Look at the success of the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast in tourism terms. They promote what they have...and it works.
Q: If you had one lesson to pass on to aspiring young business people on the coast, what would it be?
A: I’ve taken lots of risks and luckily most of them have paid off, but plenty haven’t.  Make sure you know what the risks are and what to do if they blow up in your face.
Don’t be afraid to try because you can’t get the good stuff without the challenge and hard work. If you believe in it, make it happen. Start off with what you are able to handle and don’t drown first up.I wasn’t born with wealth; I had to take risks to create it. Follow your gut; it’s usually right on the mark. Lastly, give back to the community. I support this place because I love it and believe that one day everyone else will see what a great place we live in.


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