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Suzy Miller. Suzy Miller.
25 March 2020 Posted by 

How Suzy's Opportuntiy Collective is changing women's lives

CENTRAL Coast woman, Suzy Miller has been named in the Australian Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence list.

The 100 Women of Influence list celebrates the contribution women make across Australian society and is committed to increasing the visibility of women’s leadership in Australia.

Women are recognised for using their skills and talents to advocate for change and to benefit society. This year a record 833 entries were received for the awards.

After 21 years in the corporate world, leading teams of up to 250 staff, Suzy established Leadership Within, which is an executive coaching and leadership development business, working with senior leaders worldwide.

Suzy used her skills to give back to the community running Youth Leadership programs over a year-year period.

In 2016 Suzy founded a not for profit, The Opportunity Collective, to educate, support, guide, empower and build confidence in regional women to achieve leadership positions.

“I was seeing young women pushing themselves forward for Leadership in High School but losing confidence when the entered the workforce,” she said.

Three years on, she has expanded their Women's Leadership Mentoring Program from the Central Coast into Newcastle and now Maitland.

Suzy is passionate about using her skills to develop programs and opportunities lifting the aspirations and performance of underrepresented groups.

She created the Women’s Leadership Mentoring Programs, pairing a diverse group of women, with male and female mentors.

“At nine years old my daughter came home from school outraged, as she’d heard her brother would get paid 16% more if they did the same job. She said. “You have to fix it Mum because that’s not fair”.

“Leveraging off my skills in building leadership in others, with support of Mentors and targeted workshops, we are addressing the skills and mindsets that hold women back in their careers.”

The program is outcome focused and has been life changing for the women involved. Participants confidence in their and ability increased by 62%, confidence to network increased by 125% and confidence to self-promote increased by 72%.

Participants have won workplace awards, achieved promotions, pay rises and are managing priorities better.

Suzy explained: “Our Female and Male Mentors also gain so much from the experience. They come to us to give back, but they gain so much more. We are so proud of the ripple effect this program creates, with 100% of our Participants saying they will now Mentor others as a result of being in the program.”

In 2018, Suzy was the first Central Coast Woman to be a finalist in the NSW Business Woman of the Year.

In 2016 the community acknowledged her, awarding her Outstanding Achievement for building leadership in women and youth in the local Australia Day awards.




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