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Peter Fisher. Peter Fisher.
19 December 2020 Posted by 

How Peter’s first book met with instant success

WHEN Peter Fisher arrived from Canada in 1985 for a new life in faraway Australia, little did he know would become a top selling author on the NSW Central Coast.
The ‘English As Second Language’ teacher arrived on the Coast two years later and bought a home in the rainforest.
Peter and his Sydney born wife and family fell in love with the unnamed rainforest gully next to his home as he began to realise the significance of the paradise next door.
He started gardening using native plants and took up bushwalking and taking photos along the way.
It inevitably led to a quality book called “Tales From The Rainforest that was printed right here on the Central Coast at The Book Printing Company in Killarney Vale.
“The book took years to finally finish,” Peter admitted with a chuckle
“It is selling quite well. I'm absolutely chuffed that the response has been both positive and enthusiastic,” he said.
“I think my book stands out because nobody has done a topic like this before and I have included so many quality printed photos, just like a coffee table book. 
“It is also a much thicker book than most people expected it to be - each book weighs one kilo. I am finding several people are buying a copy, taking it home and then coming back to buy another copy as a present or a gift, he said.
“It’s rather exciting time for me indeed.”
The book is 230 pages, softcover in A4 size, with more than 200 original photographs and more than 35 rare, antique postcards from c1910. Price is $35  each. 
Contact: www.peterfishercentralcoast@gmail.com Or: Go to Henry Kendall Cottage and Museum (West Gosford) on any Sunday in December and buy it directly from the author.


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