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Scott and Mary Beatty at PSD Brand Design. Scott and Mary Beatty at PSD Brand Design. Featured
28 May 2019 Posted by 


Dynamic duo reinventing businesses
MORE than anything else, Scott and Mary Beatty see themselves as story tellers.

The husband and wife owners of PSD Brand Design, based at Gosford, have built a sterling reputation over the past 15 years for helping businesses find the brand that is right for them and the best way to get that brand out into the marketplace.
Having spent more than 20 years in the advertising and marketing industry, Scott Beatty is perfectly placed to help businesses prosper by delivering strategy, marketing and brand design strategies.
“I have worked alongside clients from a variety of backgrounds and industry sectors,” he said.
“Some of the larger organisations I have worked with include Hyundai, Michelin, Elgas, Caltex, Formula 1 Grand Prix, GE Mining, Toyota Financial Services, Shannons, Mission Australia, Ray White and various Government sectors.
“But today my passion lies with helping businesses of all sizes to grow and prosper.
“There is nothing better for me than to see a business expand with the help of the continuing collaboration, consultancy and brand development we provide.”
He and wife Mary make the ideal team.
Providing help and support since the company’s inception, Ms Beatty came on board full time three years ago, with an extensive background working in various industries and a passion for helping people.
Diversity of experience
A qualified insurance broker, she has worked in the financial sector, the community sector and construction and is a regular volunteer at Coast Shelter.
This diversity of experience has given her a rare insight into various industries.
“I love my work here at PSD,” she said. “We are here to help our clients’ businesses grow by providing strong brand, clarity of messaging and marketing and advertising advice.”
With a single-minded focus on transforming potential businesses into trusted brands, Mr Beatty said many young businesses did not understand what was fully involved in creating a brand.
“Some people think you get a logo designed and that’s branding their business,” he said.
“But there’s so much involved in extending branding and brand strategies across all existing and emerging channels.
“We are creatives, marketers, brand developers, content creators, photographers, video producers, web developers and communicators.”

Mr Beatty said the first step was helping a business discover its “mojo”.
“The most famous brands in the world tell a story,” he said. “They make people feel a certain way. A brand doesn’t have to be famous to touch people’s lives.
“Before we can help a business tell its story through powerful brand messages, we meet with the client to find out about their business and their goals.
“What is their background, who are their target market, what is special about their products or services, and how do they make a difference to people’s lives?
Making a difference
“Make no mistake – even seemingly mundane products make a difference to somebody, somehow.”
With a firm idea of the business’s goals, PSD Brand Design conducts research on the current market and consumer insight and provides a marketing strategy for the next twelve months and beyond.
“We ensure that the brand identity is conveyed through every communication including online mediums, such as the company website, email marketing and social media, and also print mediums, such as corporate folders, brochures, catalogues, annual reports and so on,” Mr Beatty said.
He said it was vital for new businesses to engage a creative brand agency early on to ensure they got off to the right start.
“If you have an existing business, we will analyse your brand position and work on enhancing or re-branding to clearly communicate your story to your customers,” he said.
“Brands are valuable and create credibility. They build equity when your name becomes memorable and recognisable and associated with superior quality and reliability.”
Look for more constructive tips on branding your business from PSD Brand Design in coming issues and check out the company website at: https://www.psdbranddesign.com.au


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