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26 April 2015 Posted by 


Campaign to develop a fashionable accessory

A START-UP company is looking to make the selfie sticks the next fashionable phone accessory.

SelfiePlus is a Sydney based business that was started by four young entrepreneurs early this year when four friends were frustrated with their selfie sticks constantly falling apart.

Initially they jumped on the bandwagon and purchased the $10-$35 range from their local retailers, but after three broken sticks and a broken Samsung galaxy S4 they realized that the market didn’t have anything to offer for the average consumer, so the “Tempus” was born.

The selfie stick trend has taken over so strongly that now, on Amazon it is now the 49th most searched item out of the entire camera accessory range, the owners say.

Now, anyone can buy a selfie stick from any generic hot dollar store or on Ebay for under $10 but the likelihood of that breaking after a few uses is incredibly high, or you could fork out $100+ for the equivalent that serious hikers and adventurers use, the only issue with that is that you look more like you’re carrying a camera tripod than a selfie stick.

What SelfiePlus has done with the Tempus is that they’ve designed and produced the market’s most stylish selfie stick with a generous variety of colors without compromising on quality, functionality or affordability.

When asked what made The Tempus stand out from all the other sticks flooding the market: “The only thing that truly matters; the quality. Why buy a fragile $10 selfie stick from your local $2 store to hold up your branded $1000 phone?” - Philip Liang said.

The final challenge for SelfiePlus is that manufacturing a high quality selfie stick like the Tempus costs about three times more than the average stick on the market.

So in order to bring the Tempus into the market at an affordable price they launched a Kickstarter campaign on April 26 to raise funds to manufacture in bulk and bring the costs down.

The starting pledge for a stick is at $35, an incredible price in comparison to what $35 in our average phone accessory store can buy.

To learn more about their Kickstarter Campaign or The Tempus click on this link: www.Myselfieplus.com


Michael Walls
0407 783 413

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