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24 March 2019 Posted by 


How Australians are benefiting
BY focusing on delivering a strong economy, we have been able to invest in and guarantee the essential services that all Australians rely on like medical health services.
The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, along with Medicare, Private Health Insurance and universal access to public hospitals, are the pillars of our health system.
Each of these pillars needs a responsible government managing a strong economy, to pay for this.
Our strong economy has meant that we have been able to make life changing medicines more affordable through the PBS.  
Since coming into government, the Coalition Government has listed over 1,900 medicines worth more than $10B. 
Some of these would have cost thousands of dollars, but are now available for $6.40 (concessional) or $39.50 (general patients) per script. 
Under the new PBS listing we are helping around 3,200 women with breast cancer by subsidising Kisquali which without PBS would cost around $72,000 per year. 
We are able to assist over 1,500 Australian chemotherapy patients by subsidising Neulasta which would have cost
Australian families over $4,500 per course and save over 6,000 Australians with inherited high cholesterol conditions around $8,000 per year by subsidising Repatha.
With a strong economy we are able to ensure Medicare continues to provide record bulk billing rates both nationally and here on the Central Coast. This is something that I am particularly proud of for our region.  
This year, private health premiums increased by 3.95%, the lowest premium rise in 17 years. 
For the 13 million Australians who rely on private health insurance, we have taken steps to make it more affordable and easier to understand. 
This includes allowing private insurers to discount hospital insurance premiums for younger people by up to 10 per cent, ensuring better cover and upgrades for mental health patients and enabling insurers to offer travel and accommodation for people in regional and rural areas.
We have required insurers to categorise products as gold, silver, bronze or basic. This way, Australian families can shop around for private health cover with the confidence that they are comparing apples with apples. 
Furthermore, we are requiring insurers to use standard definitions to make it clear what is covered and what isn’t. 
Federal funding for public hospital services under the Coalition Government has increased from $13.3B in 2013-14 to $23.4B in 2020-21, a 76% increase. 
This means more hospital services, more doctors and more nurses in our hospitals.
Locally, our strong economy has also allowed for a world-class Central Coast Medical School and Research Institute, with over 550 allied health student places. This is an $85M project with an investment of over $48M from the Federal Government. 
Our plan is to make Australia even stronger, and to protect what we have been able to achieve for local families and to make sure that we secure the opportunities our region needs and deserves for the future.  
Lucy Wicks is Federal Member for Robertson.


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