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Lucy Wicks celebrates victory. Lucy Wicks celebrates victory. Featured
26 May 2019 Posted by 


Business welcomes "miracle" outcome
AUSTRALIA has spoken and we have a returned Coalition government for the next three years – an outcome the Central Coast business community has welcomed with open arms.

Despite predictions that Labor would cross the line to wrestle back government, the Coalition will form a majority government in a surprise win which Prime Minister Scott Morrison has described as a “miracle”.

On the Coast, Liberal MP Luck Wicks was returned in the seat of Robertson for a third term, while incumbent Labor MPs Emma McBride (Dobell) and Pat Conroy (Shortland) retained their seats, despite a swing to Liberal in both cases.

Ms McBride held on by the skin of her teeth, surviving a swing of more than 3% to the Liberals to take Dobell very narrowly from Liberal candidate Jilly Pilon.

She and Mr Conroy face another three years of trying to achieve for the Coast whilst in Opposition.
For Ms Wicks, it’s a different story.

Returned for another three years, with a 3% plus swing to the Libs as a bonus, she said it was a “tremendous honour” to be returned for a third term.

Outstanding endorsement

“This is an outstanding endorsement of our plan for the Central Coast and an endorsement of what we have delivered over the last six years,” Ms Wicks said.

She held the seat in 2016 by a slim margin of 1.1 per cent and has now increased that to more than 4 per cent at current count.

“It did feel very positive over those three weeks on pre-poll for and while the polls were pointing to a Bill Shorten and Labor win, that’s not what I was hearing at Woy Woy, Gosford or Kincumber,” Ms Wicks said.

“The feedback I was getting was that there was real concern about what a Bill Shorten and a Labor-led government would look like.

“The consequence of that choice was something that people really considered.

“It was a tough campaign, one of the hardest I have fought with Labor and the unions throwing everything at us, but it really was a seat we had to win vote by vote, person by person.

“While were outnumbered, our focus remained strong.

“People said they were pleased to see projects finally being delivered because under a Liberal government, things do get done.

“When we say we are going to do something we do it. I always knew it was going to be a close race, but having known Scott Morrison for 20 years, I know his leadership capabilities, his determination and his incredible heart.

“When he says people matter, he really means that. I am so grateful for the support I have received. I love being the Member for Robertson and cannot thank my supporters enough.

Next three years

“I look forward to the next three years, working with the people of the Central Coast and seeing our commitments become a reality.”

The NSW Business Chamber Central Coast region reckons the return of a Coalition government will restore sagging business confidence not only on the Central Coast, but throughout NSW and the rest of the nation.

“There can be no higher accolade than the Prime Minister retaining Government,” regional director Paula Martin said.

“It was a long and hard-fought campaign, and one where the electorate has made their decision about the policy direction they want the country to take over the next few years.

“Business needs certainty – and particularly in NSW where we have had two elections in the space of two months - there is no doubt that important business decisions like expansion, taking on additional staff or bringing on extra product lines have been held off until these election results were known.

“The return of the Coalition Government will be well received by the business community, and they will now move forward with investing in their business capabilities, without the added concerns about issues such as Workplace Relations.

“Ten days prior to the election, the Prime Minister made an address to more than 350 members of the NSW Business Chamber in Western Sydney where he set out his blueprint for supporting business – leaving many in the room enthusiastic as to what the future holds under a Morrison Government.

Back to work

“As he said during his acceptance speech, it’s now time to get back to work, just as the business community does every single day.”

Coast businesses will now look forward to the implementation of measures announced in the Federal Budget on April 2 designed to help the business community, including an increase of the Instant Asset Write Off to $30,000 and an expansion of access, set to benefit 18,000 small businesses on the Coast.

“Extending that scheme will go a long way to helping business on the Coast to invest,” Ms Martin said.

Gosford is also set to be home to one of 10 national training hubs in regions with high youth unemployment, with an aim of creating better linkages between schools and local industry, and other skills development measures.

Extra government spending on apprenticeships and incentive payments to employers are also set to give Coast business a boost.

Expenditure of $35 on more car parking spaces at Gosford and Woy Woy railway stations will be a boon for Coast commuters, and businesses as well as individuals will benefit from the Coalition’s $158B income tax relief package.


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