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Andy and Rachel Peters. Andy and Rachel Peters. Featured
10 June 2019 Posted by 


Turning a hobby into a business model
AS kids, we all dreamt at one time or another of running away and joining the circus.

Spending your life under the big top clowning around, or juggling four tennis racquets while balancing on a unicycle and singing “Cathy’s Clown”, seemed like a great way to see the world and earn a crust.
Now, to set the scene for this story, I need your undivided attention:
(Drum Roll. Spotlight in Centre Ring. Man in a Red Coat and Top Hat Appears)
“Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, may I introduce you to Andy and Rachel Peters, esteemed owners of the Roundabout Circus!”
(Loud applause follows)
That’s right Andy and Rachel liked the circus so much, they started their own right here on the Central Coast.
And while it’s not exactly a traditional circus in the travelling tradition, it is providing a great way for Coast youngsters to learn circus skills.
Talented duo
The founders completed an earlier Social Enterprise Launch Pad Program run by Central Coast Council, designed to give back to the community.
The program helped them turn their circus hobby into a sustainable business model with a positive social impact.
The talented duo teaches circus skills to the wider community while also working with groups with special needs and providing disadvantaged groups with access to circus skill sessions.
Roundabout Circus runs weekly classes, school holiday workshops, community performances and open circus jams where anyone can come along and get involved or try a new skill.
“We direct the revenue from our regular operations to help subsidize classes for those with special needs,” Rachel said.
Those classes include dedicated workshops for charitable organisations such as Life Without Barriers.
“The key benefit of our circus skills is to show how something that seems impossible becomes achievable when it’s broken up into smaller steps.”
“This message is true for all our participants, but especially true for those who live with a disability,” Rachel said.
This year’s Social Enterprise Launch Pad Program is currently underway on the Coast.
Now let’s see, I’ve always wanted to open a zoo…..


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