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Mangrove Creek Dam. Mangrove Creek Dam. Featured
18 June 2019 Posted by 


Residents urged to use wisely
CENTRAL Coast residents are being urged to use water wisely, with capacity at Mangrove Creek needing to fall less than five per cent more before water restrictions come into force.

The dam is sitting at 54.46 per cent and Level 1 restrictions kick in when it hits 50 per cent.

Central Coast Council Director Water and Sewer, Bileen Nel, said Council had decided to impose restrictions earlier than it had in previous droughts as part of a range of measures taken to ensure the security of the water supply during times of lower than usual rainfall.

“We’ve had some rain this year and the Coast still looks green, so many people don’t realise the region is drought affected,” Ms Nel said.

Residents can save water by doing simple things such as: limiting showers to less than four minutes,  fixing leaking taps and toilets, using the half-flush button on toilets, running dishwashers and washing machines when full, turning off taps when cleaning teeth and reporting water loss in streets, parks and gardens to Council.

Outdoors, water gardens before 10am or after 4pm to avoid the heat of the day, reduce water use by using a trigger nozzle on all hand-held hoses, wash vehicles on the grass, using a bucket or trigger nozzle and avoid hosing paths or driveways.

For more information about reducing your water use, visit



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