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29 March 2020 Posted by 


DAs can be lodged from home
COAST homeowners will be able to lodge DAs online in the comfort of their homes, and see a reduction in assessment times, with the NSW Government mandating ePlanning across 42 councils from July 1, 2020.

It will be mandatory for the remaining 86 councils to use ePlanningfrom from July 1, 2021.There are 28 councils currently using the onlineD A service on the NSW Planning Portal.
Minister for Customer Service Victor Dominello said ePlanning is transforming the planning system by providing an online environment where planning services, information and data can be accessed anywhere, anytime.
“ePlanning has been a game changer for homeowners. The average time taken by government agencies to respond to requests has been reduced by up to 20 days, with DA processing times being slashed by more than half in some councils,” Mr Dominello said.
“This initiative puts the customer at the centre of the DA process by eliminating paperwork, allowing applications to be submitted anywhere in real-time, avoiding delays and boosting transparency.
“This mandate sends a strong message to communities and councils: we are putting the customer first and using technology to make life easier for people.”
Minister for Planning and Public Spaces Rob Stokes said the councils make up the initial mandate account for two-thirds of all DA determinations in NSW, equating to $39B in development value for the State economy.
“Mandating ePlanning is one of the ways we are transforming the NSW planning system to boost its timeliness, certainty and transparency as well as enabling housing supply,” Mr Stokes said.
“From July 1 councils and Principal Certifying Authorities (PCAs) operating in metropolitan areas will be required to start accepting and processing DAs, complying development certificates and post-consent certificates via the NSW Planning Portal.
“It is vital to ensure that we use all the tools and innovations available to us to support and stimulate our economy during these challenging times”


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