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Paula Martin. Paula Martin.
19 April 2019 Posted by 

Joy at decision to set up Coast industry training hub

NSW Business Chamber Central Coast is over the moon with the recent announcement that the Federal Government is to set up an Industry Training Hub on the Central Coast.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced this month that the Coast would be one of 10 locations across Australia where hubs would be located as part of a $50.6M initiative.
The Coast has also been chosen to participate in the Commonwealth Scholarships Program for Young Australians which will provide up to 400 scholarships for successful applicants.
Chamber regional director for the Coast Paula Martin said the initiatives were something the Chamber had been pushing hard for.

“It’s important that the Central Coast, with the third highest youth unemployment rate in the state, should be a focal point for these important initiatives,” she said.
“Creating better linkages between schools and local industry, and other skills development measures is to be applauded and it is great that we haven’t missed out.
“The Skillsroad Youth Census of more than 30,000 young people between the ages of 15 to 24 confirmed what many of us already know, that not enough information, support, or advice is available to school students and their parents to help them consider future training and career options.
“Having the latest advice on industry trends, employment futures and training, and learning options is essential to select a future career path and vital to nearly 5000 unemployed youth on the Central Coast.”
Ms Martin said more information and support needs to be provided in our schools for both students and parents to help navigate the seemingly endless, and sometimes daunting, training and career options.
“Breaking down any negative industry myths and showcasing future careers will help motivate the next generation to reach their goals.” she said.
Robertson Federal Liberal MP Lucy Wicks MP said she was pleased the Coast had been chosen to be part of both programs.
“The programs are aimed at addressing youth unemployment in regions like the Central Coast,” Ms Wicks said.
“Our youth unemployment is 12.7 per cent, lower than what is was but still higher than the national average of 11.3 per cent.
“Anything we can do as Government to address youth unemployment is good news for our young Coasties.
“This is a fantastic announcement and means more funding for job seekers and apprentices, and those entering the vocational education and training (VET) sector.”
The Central Coast Industry Training Hub will have office space and a full-time career facilitator who will work in close partnership with local schools, training organisations and local employers to develop pathways and meet the region’s specific workforce and training needs.
Hubs will provide a localised approach to connect schools, industry and employers and will complement the role of school career advisors.
They will be developed in partnership with industry and the State Government to create sustainable employment outcomes for the region.
Initial hubs will start in 2020 with the majority commencing in 2021.
Successful scholarship applicants will receive up to $17,500, varying based on the length and type of study or training.


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