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12 October 2020 Posted by 


Realising our Silicon Valley POTENTIAL
THE Central Coast has been urged to use the latest $400M Jobs and Infrastructure Acceleration Fund release to turn the region into a major hub for hi-tech industries.
The state’s peak business organisation, Business NSW, said the addition of $400M to the already allocated $3B Jobs and Infrastructure acceleration Fund should be accessed by the Coast to accelerate business digital connectivity. 
The call comes after the Premier announced additional funding for the Jobs and Infrastructure Acceleration Fund.
The Coast for years has discussed its potential to be the next ‘Silicon Valley’, serving Hi-tech projects and businesses, but it has not happened because of lack of funding and planning.
It is one thing to come with a great idea and a name, but the hard part is actually making it happen.
“The focus on building the capability of regions is a timely boost for the Central Coast as the region experiences unprecedented rates of locals accessing JobSeeker with nearly 22,000 locals receiving benefits,” Regional Director Business NSW Paul Martin said.
“Job creation on the Coast should be our number one priority and funding like this is our chance to accelerate projects that help to expand our local industry or attract new industry to the region.
“Digital connectivity has long been talked about as a way to develop high tech industry, professional services and advanced health on the Coast, but we have fallen short of achieving this goal. 
“The Coast is uniquely primed to create an environment that can offer rapid tech start-ups and high-profile technology companies a workforce, education pathways and a growing educated population – all we need is the digital connectivity.
“Investment in digital connectivity will mean we can attract high tech jobs in health, data and intelligence, creative arts and advanced food innovation. These jobs would be offered in a region that has a lifestyle second to none.
“Let’s showcase to the world that we are a smart region and are investing into the future of business.  In turn our young people will see career pathways for jobs of the future and not leave the Central Coast for jobs elsewhere,” Ms Martin said.
Access urges Council to press forward with this project urgently and grasp this unique opportunity.


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