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17 April 2021 Posted by 


ADMINISTRATOR Dick Persson sent shock waves through the Central Coast on Thursday when he recommended Council be sacked altogether.
In his final report during an impressive, if turbulent six months in charge, supported by Manager Rik Hart, Mr Persson came to the conclusion that there were still major problems in Council's shattered situation.
He said Council had not fully amalgamated and the deep seated infamous computer problem hadn't helped.
He again strongly criticised the ruling councillors for their poor management and massive spending spree.
Reports of a major finger pointing exercise at the recent get together of councillors didn't help, with no-one accepting responsibility and "parliamentary style" situation continuing.
The report will now go to Local Govt Minister Shelley Hancock. If adopted, Ciouncil's administration will continue until at least 2022 with September's election postponed until at least Seotember 2022.
The decision is seen as a relief for Coast businesses, especially after the ravages of the pandemic.
In the end, Mr Persson and Mr Hart did the correct thing for ratepayers and turned Council's bad management around and heading in the right direction. The full report is on his Central Coast Administrator Facebook page.
- Dallas Sherringham


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